Visy Cares Student Centre, Reservoir

The Principal of Lakeside Secondary College at Reservoir approached Visy Cares seeking a donation of $20,000 to repair a very dilapidated canteen. The College is located opposite Visy's oldest manufacturing plant which was established some forty years ago.

Visy Cares trustees visited the college and considered that in addition to the canteen, the college also needed upgrading and redevelopment in other areas.

Visy Cares approached the Victorian Government for funds to help build a new canteen with a student lounge, refurbish the library and administrative buildings and to establish a building where Year 12 students could study in surroundings that would maximize their opportunities for academic success.

The Victorian Government's contribution of almost one million dollars, together with a substantial contribution from Visy Cares, enabled the completion of the Visy Cares Student Centre and the other facilities in 2002.

This building for Year 12 students has become a highly valued College asset and, in addition to study, the Visy Cares Student Centre features a diverse range of activities such as art exhibitions, first aid training and community meetings.

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