Visy Cares Learning Centre, Meadow Heights

Visy has a major manufacturing complex at Coolaroo, adjacent to Meadow Heights, in the municipality of Hume.

After an approach from Hume Councillor, Gary Jungwirth, and an extensive study of the community's needs, Visy Cares agreed to participate in a centre that provided a unique mix of maternal child care, internet access, learning opportunities and spaces for community activities.

With contributions from the Victorian Government Community Support Fund, Visy Cares, the Hume City Council and some Victorian Government departments, this $2.5 million project was able to be accomplished.

Programs at the Visy Cares Learning Centre commenced in 2003 and include maternal and child health, cooking, dance, English as a second language, small business education and computer training. The facilities provided include an internet cafe, kinder-gym and mobile library. The Visy Cares Learning Centre is managed by a community association.

Contact Details

3-13 Hudson Circuit
Meadow Heights VIC 3048
Tel: +61 3 9301 9200

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