Visy Cares Centre, Dandenong

Visy has a number of factories located in the general Dandenong area so it was fitting that the first Visy Cares project evolved in Dandenong.

In seeking a project from the community the concept of a co-located youth centre was proposed. Such a centre would have the various service providers to young people located in the same building, rather than them being located throughout the municipality.

The one million dollar construction capital came from contributions by the Victorian Government Community Support Fund, the City of Greater Dandenong, the corporate and local business sector, philanthropists and the local community.

The Visy Cares Centre at Dandenong provides an integrated and comprehensive range of services and activities for young people aged 12-25. It is recognized as the first of its kind in Australia and local, state and federal governments have studied it as a potential model for youth services delivery.

It is the key provider of services to youth in Melbourne's south east region, delivering services to young people and their families from over 50 postcode areas. The centre has exceeded all expectations in the number of service providers who have decided to co-locate and the number of contacts with youth, now in excess of 25,000 per annum.

Contact Details

39a Clow Street
Dandenong  3175
Tel: +61 3 9793 2155


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